Pinga’s Reopens at Witmor Farms

Jane Dippel of the Route 66 Association of Missouri sent along some good news about Pinga’s Mexican restaurant, formerly located in a pink stucco building just south of Rolla, Missouri. It has reopened inside Witmor Farms Restaurant in Buckhorn, and the food is just as good as before, Jane reports. I’m one of many association members who has enjoyed Pinga’s food over the years, and I’m looking forward to visiting the new location.

One Response to Pinga’s Reopens at Witmor Farms

  1. Patricia Wevers says:


    I just heard on the news that a drug bust occurred at the closed Witmor Farm Restaurant. My mom and I ate there many times in the past. But I have not been out that way (it’s about 70 miles W. of where I live)for several years. When did the original Witmor Farm close? And why?

    Their food, service, and gift shop were outstanding. I still have a beautiful plate that I purchased there.

    Thank you. Pat.

    Any information you could give me would be very much appreciated.

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