Free Directory for Historic Businesses on Route 66

One of the best ways to preserve the heritage of Route 66 for the future is for historic businesses to stay vital and open. Do you own a historic business on Route 66? If so, you are welcome to a free listing in the John’s Modern Cabins News Historic Route 66 Business Directory! How do I define “historic”? The existence of the building or business during the official existence of Route 66 is historic. There is no charge or obligation of any kind to be listed. To take advantage, please fill out the form below the business listings.

Is your favorite Historic Route 66 Business not yet in the directory? You are welcome to invite them by directing them to directory OR presenting them with a printed application form which can be downloaded from the site.

One Response to Free Directory for Historic Businesses on Route 66

  1. Jonathan says:

    Route 66 Rail Haven – An historic Best Western hotel

    Backed by a history of over seventy years as a favorite Route 66 hotel the Best Western Route 66 Rail Haven in Springfield, Missouri has now been listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

    The hotel gained its unique name in stages. The “Rail Haven” derives from the rough-hewn rail fence that surrounded the property from its inception. Sections of that fence still exist today. The “Route 66” part was added later as the Mother Road became a popular route across the country and from the time that Route 66 was still a major artery through Springfield. It was in 1951 that the then owner, Lawrence Lippman became an early member of the Best Western Board of directors although the hotel had joined the association of Best Western hotels as early as 1948.

    Physically the hotel has evolved from the original cluster of sandstone cottages to the form it takes today. There have been many innovations that have come and gone over the years, things such as steam heating and linoleum floor covering. Those and other now antiquated features have been superseded by the up-to-date comforts that guests of today expect.

    In 1993, Gordon Elliott, a local CPA entered the hospitality business in Springfield, Missouri with his purchase of the Best Western Coach House Inn on North Glenstone Avenue. Just a year later Elliott put in an offer to buy the Best Western Rail Haven. The property by that time had come into disrepair but not to be daunted Elliott set to work rebuilding and refurnishing the hotel to the standards required by Best Western today.

    Still a popular favorite with guests from all over the U.S.A., the hotel hosts many tour groups from around the world who come with the specific purpose of taking a nostalgic trip down old Route 66. Some groups really get into the spirit of their journey and have restored classic American cars of the 50’s and 60’s then shipped them to the States in order to explore the Mother road in fitting style.

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