Show Me Route 66

A quarterly magazine published by the Route 66 Association of Missouri – included with association membership. Click here to find out how to join us today!

Additional copies may be purchased for the cost of $6.00 each including postage. Requests for additional copies may be made by writing to:
PO Box 8117
St. Louis, MO 63153

Manuscripts and photographs submitted for publication are welcome and should be sent electronically to Joe Sonderman, Magazine Editor, Route 66 Association of Missouri, at

Publication Schedule:
Fall Issue - October 2013 – submission deadline 8/19/13
Winter Issue - January 2013 – submission deadline 11/19/13
Spring Issue - April 2013 – submission deadline 02/19/13
Summer Issue – July 2013 – submission deadline 05/19/13

Advertising Rates Per Issue

1/8 page (Business Card) - $40
1/4 page – $50
1/2 page – $70

Full Color
Inside Cover Full Page – $175
Back Cover Full Page – $185
1/2 Page – $85
1/4 Page – $60

Other rates available upon request, call 314-965-5751

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