President, Tommy Pike:
Phone: 417-865-1318

Vice President, James Crooks:

Secretary, Tonya Pike:

Treasurer, Robert Schulz:

Board of Directors

Jerry Benner:

Robert Gehl:

Debbie Rhew:

Ted Terbeek:

James Crooks:

Diane Warhover:

Joe Schulte:

James J. Thole:

David J. Eslick:

Jerry L. Law:


Historian, Oral History, Jerry Benner, Chairperson:

Neon Heritage Preservation, James J. Thole, Chairperson:

Preservation, Jane Dippel, Chairperson:

Membership Services, Robert Gehl, Director:

Missouri Historic Route 66 Byway Contact, Tommy Pike:

Motor Tour, Kip Welborn Co-Chairperson:, Jane Dippel, Co-Chairperson:

Internet Services, Chris Debosek, Director:

Publications/Magazine, Diane Warhover, Chairperson:, Joe Sonderman, editor:

Route 66 Association of Missouri
P O Box 8117
St Louis, MO 63156

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