Route 66 Sightings

Route 66 Sightings

Route 66 Sightings

Ghost Town Press announces the release of Route 66 Sightings, a collection of images from the portfolios of roadside
photographers Jerry McClanahan, Jim Ross, and Shellee Graham. This beautiful coffee table book defines the Route 66
experience, telling the story of the road through six galleries of stunning photographs, each with its own tale to tell.
Spanning thirty years, Sightings is a culmination of their individual and collective efforts as writers, photographers, and
advocates of the legendary highway.

McClanahan and Ross are both accomplished highway historians and are widely published as photographers and writers.
Graham, whose Route 66 photo exhibition toured the US for over a decade, has been photographing the Mother Road
since 1990. All three are multiple award winners.

Route 66 Sightings is available through the publisher, at on-line bookstores, and at gift shops along Route 66.

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One Response to Route 66 Sightings

  1. Greg Goodman says:

    What a great book! I love the cover image…I spent a solid hour at that stop along Route 66 in California snapping photos. It’s right near Barstow right? With all the graffiti and abandoned tires. Beautiful!

    I would love to invite you to check out Neon, Fuel, Pavement and Americana on Route 66: A Photographic Series.

    Have a great day!

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